Take A Peek Inside The World’s Most Beautiful Library in Prague, Czec Republic

Opened in 1722, Klementinum Library of Prague in Czec Republic, part of the Jesuit Library, is not only world’s the most beautiful library, but also a marvellous specimen of Baroque architecture with floors, walls and ceilings all opulently decorated beyond words.

The library: True to its name, this Klementinum library boasts of collections of thousands of books of all genres, all languages. To enrich it further, director Karel Rafael Ungar founded Biblioteca Nationalis, a rich collection of Czeck literature which included some rare historical books which were given to Google for scanning making them a source of reference worldwide.

The library, beautiful and popular and the world’s third largest Jesuit college then, has also figured in one of Jorge Luis Borges famous Spanish novels. Commencing from 1775, it has also collected the local weather data, a rare and important gesture those days. But, for reasons unknown, the library remains still obscure. But when you find time, make sure to pay a visit.
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Photo Credit: LuizLouisLuix

Jan Hiebl painted the stunning ceiling murals.
Photo Credit: klementinum.com

Photo Credit: Olivier Martel Savoie

Photo Credit: klementinum.com

Photo Credit: Iztok Alf Kurnik

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